Your people, product, and situation are unique.

Our multidisciplinary approach and flexible tools adapt to your needs to help your AdComm team perform at their best



Coaching &

Tools &

01 Define Outcomes

We align your team around realistic, data-driven outcomes using our proprietary strategy tool, The Pointer.

02 Build Argument

We guide your team in developing a persuasive, evidence-based argument to propel the committee toward your desired outcomes.

03 Committee analysis

We immerse your team in an in-depth analysis of the Committee using our proprietary AdComm Audience Analysis (AAA) that evaluates the Committee as a whole and each member individually.

04 Implement Strategy

The AdComm strategy drives the rest of the preparations: the development of messages, identification of issues, and the content of the primary deliverables.

Scientific Messaging & Content Development

Developing and ratifying scientific messages enables consistency across the development of content for all the deliverables.
A mesmerizing spiral pattern on a blue and black background.
A laboratory with blue and white color scheme, showcasing scientific equipment and workstations.
A mesmerizing spiral pattern on a blue and black background.


Based on the AdComm strategy, our communication and scientific teams draft the initial scientific messages that unify the primary deliverables: The briefing document, presentation, and Q&A. The sponsor team then evolves and ratifies the messages in a specialized workshop using our propriety tool, The Framework.
A laboratory with blue and white color scheme, showcasing scientific equipment and workstations.


Our medical writers draft the briefing document, while our scientific and communication team works closely with the sponsor’s internal and external experts to develop the presentation and Q&A. As these evolve, our slide team prepares all presentation and Q&A slides.

Coaching & Refinement

Evolving the content and delivery for compelling results

Delivery Coaching

Our comprehensive support for the delivery team throughout the preparation enables them to connect with the committee, building trust and credibility; this requires smooth and practiced use of specialized AdComm presentation and Q&A methods and technologies.

We build your team’s performance with ongoing coaching, including group and individual sessions.

Space shuttle launching into the sky with billowing smoke clouds in the background.


Internal rehearsals provide opportunities for the broader team to provide feedback while giving the team crucial practice.

External mocks are a high-pressure replication of the experience of an Advisory Committee meeting. Mocks are crucial opportunities for external feedback, which also build the team’s confidence and agility.

Through every rehearsal and mock, we guide the evolution of both content and delivery.

Tools & Technologies

Cutting-edge technologies enable greater agility and efficiency
CoLab Portal dashboard displaying various Q&A Slides.


Our cutting-edge secure collaboration portal is built around the needs of AdComm teams, enabling them to work smoothly and efficiently. It provides rapid access to all slides, messages, issues, questions, and responses.

The intuitive flat design enables your team to see each question, response, responder, and any associated slides in a single view, without the need to click on each element.


The SlideFinder is an innovative system for rapidly calling slides during Q&A. The system is highly flexible and linked back to all the questions and responses in the CoLabPortal.
The SlideFinder enables users to find slides in whatever manner they prefer; this includes flexible searching by user-defined keywords for each slide and text searches from the slide title, question, or response.
They can sort and filter by responder, category, and tier.


During the Q&A, the SlideSelector privately displays up to three preview slides to the responder. As the responder chooses a slide to display, it is immediately replaced with a new slide option.


The BOLD Tech Team runs ZoomZones during mocks and the AdComm. The Tech Team controls what content is displayed and heard in each ZoomZone, enabling each Zone to operate autonomously.